Skatepark Pre-Book

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and based on Skateboard England recommendations, we have split our sessions into under 18’s skateboarding, under 18’s skateboards, scooters & in-liners, 18+ skateboarding and 18+ skateboards, scooters, in-liners. In order to pre-book, please first select the sport / session type & age you would like to attend from the list below and then following the booking and pre-payment process. As part of the checkout process you will have an account created which will allow you to view & manage your bookings online. You can cancel your booking up-to 1 hour prior to the session starting using the bookings page of our website. Please note our office staff  are not available during evenings or weekends, so if you need to cancel please do so via our website bookings page. Please also allow up to 3 working days for refunds to be processed.